Full Transparency and Honesty: The Foundation of our No Upsell Policy

Full Transparency and Honesty: The Foundation of our No Upsell Policy

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a convenient way to get your car serviced and not be pressured to buy things you don’t need?

We hear it all the time from customers.

“I hate bringing my car in for an oil change because I never know what it’s supposed to cost.”


“I never know what they’re going to charge me and why. The final price never seems to be what is advertised.”

We get it, as we’ve been there too. We’ve all had to get an oil change before, and there are few things more annoying than devoting valuable time taking your vehicle in for preventative maintenance, only to leave hours later angry and confused after paying far more than you expected.

As part of our commitment to “Change the Oil Change,” GoMobileX offers clear pricing on our products and services. If we need to add more oil because of your vehicle’s specifications, we will let you know. We don’t push any extra services, but our technicians will make recommendations based off the multi point inspection.

We see competitors advertising “Oil Change for $49.99” but when the final bill comes, it’s double if not triple the price. Hidden fees, surcharges and extras are buried in your invoice. Not to mention the quality of the product going into your car…

Mobile Lube Express and GoMobileX

But not with GoMobileX. Transparency in our pricing and quality of our products is a guarantee.

And when customers experience GoMobileX for the first time, they know exactly what they’re paying for. They’ll never want to head out for an oil change again.

“Full Transparency” and “Honesty” are two of the guiding principles of GoMobileX.

They govern how we treat our customers and employees and guide how we want to be seen in the community.

And they help explain why folks love our service.

Experience the refreshing taste of full transparency and honesty by scheduling an oil change with GoMobileX today.